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About Harambe

The Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance is a network of highly educated, principled, young African CEOs and entrepreneurial leaders known as Harambeans, who are scaling social and business ventures across sectors. Harambeans have raised capital from prominent investors such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Case, George Soros and Pierre Omidyar, and gained the endorsement of the African Union, The Economist and the Queen of England among others.

Our vision is to realize the potential of exceptional leaders and leverage their skills and passion to build a peaceful, prosperous and equitable Africa. Our goals are to identify promising young African leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and connect them to opportunities to advance their education, find employment within Africa, or support their entrepreneurial ventures across Africa.

With the help of exceptional corporate partners, the organization is now transitioning itself from an all volunteer effort to a fully staffed and institutionalized entity. Harambe intends to write its next chapter by restructuring, expanding and scaling the value proposition to its members.

To implement on the growth plan, we are seeking an entrepreneurial Executive Director capable of steering Harambe through this unique and pivotal transition period of institutionalization, while actively seizing on the abundant opportunities enabled and supported by our exceptional partner network of highly reputable thought leaders, investors, corporate and public institutions.

Description of Chief Executive Officer Role

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Harambe’s executive team, fundraising, programs and execution of the organization’s institutionalization strategy. She or he will be required to design Harambe program strategies and formats, assume responsibility for financial planning and budgeting, expand network of relationships with partners, manage existing partnerships and leading an executive team of 3-5 full-time employees.

Core Requirements

  • Ensure Harambeans achieve a greater than average success rate in building their ventures;
  • Grow external funds committed for the organization by deepening and expanding our partnership network;
  • Grow awareness of the Harambe brand by our target audience groups.



  • Develop and articulate Harambe’s core purpose, mission and long-term strategy, accompanying programs and initiatives;
  • Deliver programmatic excellence with a rigorous and on-going progress evaluation and reporting for programs; achievement of fundraising goals and sound financial administration;
  • Actively engage and energize the Harambe community, board members, program committees and partnering organizations;
  • Seek and build board involvement for ongoing operations as well as for implementation on our roadmap to institutionalization. Ensure board composition and capacity stays relevant to fulfill the needs of the organization at different stages over time;
  • Lead, coach, develop, and retain a high-performance executive management team;
  • Establish effective processes to track scaling progress, and regularly evaluate programs and communicate success to the Board, partners, and other constituents.

Transition Management:

  • Determine processes required for the institutionalization of the organization, defining areas that must be changed and establishing measures of success, cost/benefit and outcomes/risks analysis;
  • Develop strategies to support the organization in areas of transition (operational, communication, team development, budget implications);
  • Align with stakeholders on timetables and sequence of events for establishing new processes and procedures that will support growth objectives and rollout of new programs;
  • Monitor transition success and proactively partner and report to stakeholders.

Fundraising, Communications and Impact Reporting:

  • With the support of staff, plan and pursue short-term fundraising activities to support existing program operations and expansion while simultaneously working with the staff, board and partners to establish strategic, long-term funding solutions (e.g. structuring and establishing an endowment and potential earned-income strategies);
  • Know the organization’s culture and values to help refine communications (e.g. web presence to external relations) with the goal of enhancing a brand that embodies our unique characteristics;
  • Oversee the development of organization’s impact measurement framework and composition of corresponding impact report to be published in quarterly and annually including regular progress reports to the Board.

Program Management and Strategic Planning:

  • Oversee the annual admissions process of the organization, driven by members of the executive team in cooperation with Harambeans, board members and partners;
  • Support the coordination of regional groups and corresponding events, overseeing the organization of the annual symposium and other recurring and regional member events;
  • Supervise programs, including Angel Investor sessions and Scholarship partnerships with leading universities.

Qualifications, Strengths and Experience

  • Financial and business acumen to manage a multi-million dollar organization;
  • Excellent people and communication skills, with a strong ability to develop and manage diverse relationships, engage, inspire, influence and build credibility among a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strong management skills and a track record of building talent by attracting and retaining key individuals.
  • Results-oriented with proven experience of delivering measurable results and impact.
  • Experience building quality programs and tracking performance and impact performance through datadriven evaluations.
  • Experience cultivating constructive working relationships with a Board of Directors, while engaging a wide range of stakeholders and cultures;
  • Management consulting experience, corporate and non-profit sector preferred.
  • A powerful work ethic driven ‘servant leadership’, enduring integrity, optimism and deliberate audacity.
  • Creative bold thinker with big ideas about the intersection of philanthropy and the private sector.

To apply, please send your CV to liaison@healliance.org

Please find more information here.

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