Tackling the Challenge of Financial Inclusion

There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of NGOs, government agencies and private companies working to ensure that people in the U.S. and around the globe are included in the financial system.

Many of these institutions run exemplary programs that produce measurable, positive impacts and which open the financial system to underserved and impoverished individuals. These efforts have raised the standards of living for families everywhere.

But a huge challenge remains. For starters, despite all of our progress, two billion people do not have bank accounts. And many of those who have bank accounts still lack access to a full range of essential financial services. To thrive, everyone needs diverse services such as credit, savings vehicles, insurance, and remittance processing.

Tackling this challenge will require even greater engagement from all sectors – public, nonprofit, and private.

The individuals profiled in this report illustrate the diverse career paths and approaches that one can take to help solve the critical social problem of financial exclusion. They range from bankers to strategists to IT professionals.

Why write this report? We hope the experiences of these social intrapreneurs will unlock the commitment and energy of the for-profit sector to be more fully engaged with this critical endeavor. We also want to spark the imagination of young professionals who are eager to find opportunities to combine their financial and organizational acumen with their drive to create a better, more equitable world.

Please find the full report here.